Verve locks away $3M to focus on female investors

Written by
Will Richards
Published on

The women-focused financial services platform, Verve, has raised an oversubscribed $3M pre-Series A to build an ethical investing platform designed around women. The investment was led by the impact-focused family office, Alberts. Verve has already built a 25,000 large community of investors and established Verve Super as the primary business. The raise comes with the launch of Verve Money, self-described as "not your old man's investment fund". Verve Money has three curated portfolios with varying risk levels, returns, and time frames.

A significant driver for the platform is the investment gap between men and women investors. Verve Money ethically screens all investments and includes impact-focused assets that may not be listed publicly. Importantly, for all investors, is the sense of diversification and the linked decreased risk. Verve now has 9,000 users across its financial platforms, and this capital will be used to build out Verve Super & Verve Money further, as well as the compliance function of the team.

Due Diligence:, Womens Agenda

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