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The below press release was provided by the Techstars Tech Central Sydney team.

On Thursday 21 September, Techstars Tech Central Sydney founder class of 2023 hosted a “Angels & Techstars Founders - Pitch & Mix Event” in Sydney to a packed room. This intimate session offered angel investors an opportunity to get up close and personal with their accelerator cohort and the broad range of problems they are addressing. In addition to general networking, this exclusive pitch event allowed for angels the unique chance to get first dibs before founders showcase their startups to the wider ecosystem at Demo Day on 5th of October.

Mantaray CEO & Co-Founder, Rujuta Natu (Left)

The event was sponsored by Kirstin Hunter, MD of Techstars Tech Central Sydney, hosted by Simon Scarf, ex Uber, Apple, Amazon, Zoom and Expert in Residence for Techstars, and pioneered by current Techstars founder Nikki Tugano of SeenCulture. The big reveal at this event was the launch of a new and exclusive Angel Syndicate for the Techstars Tech Central Sydney class of 2023 with Cut Through Angels

Led by Cut Through Angels, this exclusive angel syndicate will allow members to invest in one, multiple, or all of the fundraising Techstars Tech Central Sydney Class of 2023 and showcase their high quality as investment options. Cut Through Angels founders Simon McKendry and Chris Gillings were onsite and instrumental with the launch of the venture.  The syndicate is open to all angels that qualify as wholesale investors.

Techstars is the largest pre-seed investor in the world and has invested in over 3,700 early-stage startups. With an acceptance rate of 1% (more competitive than Harvard), Techstars founders represent high-quality deal flow and will go on to lead some of Australia’s newest tech businesses and brands. They are ripe for investment to accelerate their growth and for investors to capitalise on massive momentum from the Techstars accelerator program. 

Simon McKendry, Partner at Cut Through Angels stated, “Cut Through Angels is passionate about making true venture capital-quality investments accessible to every Australian angel investor. Giving angels the chance to invest in the Techstars cohort, either as a portfolio or by handpicking their favourite startups, with a relatively small entry cheque size and low fees, is a direct match for our core mission.”

SeenCulture CEO & Founder, Nikki Tugano

Nikki Tugano further shared, “​​For me, this was inspired by "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Being a part of the Techstars family means doing all we can to contribute to each others' success. This is an example of just that. We want to see angels supporting the success of Australian startups competing on a global scale. It's about tying Australian startups into the global prowess of Techstars.” 

The list of this Techstars Accelerator Cohort and their CEO founders are listed below:

More information and the opportunity to express interest in this new angel syndicate are available at

Techstars Tech Central Demo Day tickets (5th of October) are now available for purchase.

Cut Through Angels is the angel syndicate owned by venture capital and startup data insights and publisher Cut Through Venture.

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