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Funding Announcements

Announcements of start-ups who have raised money from venture capital, angels, crowdfunding, grants and accelerators.

LaunchVic Unveils VC Support and International Internship Support Program

LaunchVic launches $300K to establish fund for new VCs in Victoria and opens the doors for global internship opportunities.

ALIAVIA Ventures back female founders with $13.5M fund (hopefully the first of many)

ALIAVIA Ventures has closed a AU$13.5M fund focused exclusively on backing female-founded startups in Australia and the US. Lea sat down with co-founder Marisa Warren to get some behind-the-scenes insights.

Techstars Tech Central Sydney announce exclusive new syndicate with Cut Through Angels

This exclusive angel syndicate will allow members to invest in one, multiple, or all of the fundraising Techstars Tech Central Sydney Class of 2023.


Detailed analysis of Australian start-ups on the rise.

Deep Dives
min read

Avarni Reminds Us Why

Avarni is an AI-powered and data-driven carbon accounting software, aimed at helping companies achieve their ambitious decarbonisation goals.
Deep Dives
min read

How Andrew Job & Plotlogic are bringing sustainability to Australia's biggest export market

Plotlogic, a ResourceTech company based in Brisbane, recently closed out a $43M Series B. We explore the story and how they did it.
Deep Dives
min read

The future of cyber security: why Cyber Revolution is at the forefront of Australia's skill shortage

An interview with the founder of Cyber Revolution, Australia’s only dedicated cyber security training and placement company.

Ecosystem Insights

An insider's look at hot topics the Aussie ecosystem is talking & thinking about.

min read

Inaugural Burning Heroes Australia Award Winners Provides Diverse Watchlist for VCs

Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Burning Heroes Australia Elevates Women-Led Startups to the Venture Capital Spotlight
min read

Every SXSW Sydney startup ecosystem ‘side event’ you can attend without a badge

Want to get in on all the SXSW Sydney action but don't have an official badge? Never fear. We've collated all the startup-relevant side-events you can attend, no badge required.

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