Synthesis Capital unveils ambitious $50M fund for Australia's MedTech and DeepTech health ventures

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Australia is cementing its role as a burgeoning hub for MedTech and DeepTech health innovation, and Synthesis Capital is at the forefront of this movement. Launched at the 10th anniversary celebration of the MedTech Actuator's Origin program, Synthesis Capital aims to raise a fund worth $50 million with the possibility to scale up to $100 million.

At a Glance: Key Features of Synthesis Capital

  • Focus: Deep health tech, led by industry experts
  • Investment Range: From pre-Seed to Series A+ stages in Australia and the Asia Pacific
  • Partnerships: Exclusive collaboration with the MedTech Actuator for deal flow
  • Risk Management: Integration of capital with milestone-based investment scaling
  • Fund Size: Targeting $50M+, scalable to $100M+ (initial close at $10-20M)
  • Returns: Targeting an IRR of 25%; co-investment opportunities for LPs

Targeting Untapped Potential

Synthesis Capital is not your everyday venture fund; it's designed to tap into the unique and under-served potential of early-stage health innovation in Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific region. The fund plans to support ventures from pre-Seed to Series A+ stages. Importantly, it's open to investments from various partners, including corporate entities, individual investors and public and institutional partners.

Synthesis Capital Team (from left) Buzz Palmer, Makenzie Thomas, Tom Bentley, Sophy Tang, Vishall Kishore

Strategic Partnerships and High Returns

One of the key features of Synthesis Capital is its exclusive partnership with the MedTech Actuator. This partnership will allow the fund to access a rich pipeline of investment-ready start-ups and benefit from an extensive network of venture development experts. Furthermore, Synthesis Capital has joined forces with the Menzies Foundation, acknowledging the Foundation's invaluable support thus far.

The fund is targeting an internal rate of return (IRR) of 25% net of all fees. Limited partners (LPs) also have the opportunity to co-invest, making the fund even more appealing to a broad range of investors.

Fundraising and Next Steps

While the fund is aggressively targeting an initial close of $10-20 million, plans are already in place for subsequent closings to meet growing investor demand. With a clear focus on health impact, Synthesis aims to yield financial returns through a meticulous, milestone-based investment strategy, thereby actively managing venture risks.

For those interested in contributing, the fund is currently in active fundraising mode and openly welcomes inquiries from potential LPs. To learn more or get involved, visit Synthesis Capital's website at

In a landscape thirsting for innovation and investment, Synthesis Capital is emerging as a key player aiming to redefine what's possible in Australia's health tech scene.

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