Secure Code Warrior settles Series C with a $73M raise

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Will Richards
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The cyber skills platform Secure Code Warrior, which provides security education for developers, has completed its Series C. Paladin Capital Group led the $73M round with investment from Goldman Sachs and Forgepoint Capital. The two latter both invested in the 2019 $70M Series B.

Secure Code Warrior's platform provides developers with the tools to understand and mitigate known vulnerabilities, employing an agile learning method tailored to individual business needs. The platform has learning activities for all levels, even using missions and coding tournaments to motivate students. The platform can also integrate into developer tools and provide contextual security training.

The investment comes amid increased demand for cybersecurity following significant hacks in recent years. The funding will be allocated towards research and development of an AI-backed secure code writing system to go up against ChatGPT and Bard. The business model is to sell directly to organisations offering enterprise plans.

Secure Code Warrior is a great name for a TV show where developers navigate through an obstacle course. Does anyone want to fund that?

"With the current version of ChatGPT, software development gets an efficiency gain that speeds things up dramatically ... but the quality and the security of that code is based upon 20 years of bad code on the internet. If you ask ChatGPT to build a program, you can see that same insecure code in the response. I wouldn't rely on that.
Pieter Danhieux, Co-Founder & CEO

Due Diligence: TechCrunch, AFR

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