Nomad Atomics raises $12M to build miniaturised quantum sensors for massive industries

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Will Richards
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Nomad Atomics, a start-up utilising technology developed by atomic physicists from the Australian National University (ANU), has landed $12M in funding. The capital comes from Blackbird and Right Click Capital. Nomad Atomics have developed compact, state-of-the-art miniaturised quantum sensors ready for in-field applications. The sensors can be used as magnetometers, gravimeters, and clocks.

The sensors can be utilised in industries like energy, defence, resources and space. Specific use cases, as highlighted by the CTO Christian Freier, include:

  • Exploring deeper and smaller mineral deposits.
  • Improving safety in underground mines.
  • Reducing drought risk by mapping aquifer systems.
  • Increasing navigation certainty in locations without GPS.

Each of these industries has massive TAMs and provide significant opportunity.

Nomad is showing signs of traction with commercial partners and will be relocating to Melbourne. The team is expanding with over 15+ roles advertised for Business Development Specialists, Engineers and Physicists.

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