Lenexa Medical lands $1M Pre-Series A funding to monitor patients better

Written by
Will Richards
Published on

Lenexa Medical, a MedTech start-up, has locked away $1M Pre-Series A funding led by Stoic VC. The company's mission is to save the world (or at least Australia) from one of the most overlooked yet dangerous villains: pressure injuries.

According to Lenexa, 300,000 pressure injuries occur annually in Australia and are estimated to cost the healthcare system billions of dollars, on top of the harm caused. To combat this, Lenexa has created LenexaCare, an intelligent sheet that attaches to standard mattress and monitors a bed-bound patient's risk of pressure injuries.

Pressure risk assessment is performed by manually rolling and visually inspecting at-risk areas by trained healthcare providers. The funding will help with the rollout into hospitals and aged care facilities across Australia. The global TAM is large, with 2.5M pressure injuries annually in the US alone.

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