Guest Writer Program ✍️

A platform for thought leadership in the Australian start-up ecosystem.

Applications are currently closed.
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About the program

Overnight Success is a media platform dedicated to making the Australian start-up ecosystem more connected and transparent.

Our Guest Writer Program invites anyone looking to build their profile in the ecosystem to contribute to OS with their own writing so together we can elevate even more start-up stories.


Exclusive Interviews

As part of this program, guest writers will have the opportunity to interview the founders of the most exciting emerging companies, venture capitalists investing in the future, and thought leaders who are integral to Australia’s start-up landscape.

Editorial Mentorship

Guest writers will work in close collaboration with our team, benefiting from their expertise in content development, narrative structuring, and industry-specific guidance.

Brand Building

Writers will contribute to a grassroots and reputable platform and exponentially widen their professional reach. Writers who publish under this program will be acknowledged for their contributions, with direct links to their social media platforms like LinkedIn.


Interested? Let's get into the nuts and bolts.

Who should apply to be a guest writer?

If writing for OS is of interest to you, regardless of your current role or employment status, we encourage to you apply.

However, we think the following types of people will be best placed to join the program:

1. Early-career investors looking to build their professional brand, particularly in the VC and start-up ecosystem.

2. University students looking to enter the start-up world and kickstart their career.

3. Professionals in other fields who aspire to transition into tech and start-ups.

What's the application process?
  • Interested candidates should express their interest via this form, including details around their motivation and interests, alongside any relevant writing samples of published or unpublished work. 
  • Gemma and Will (the co-founders of Overnight Success) will consider each applicant’s suitability for participation in the program and be in touch with the applicant regarding their decision within 1 week.
  • If successful, guest writers will be added to:

a. Overnight Success Guest Writers Notion Dashboard - where opportunities will be posted and the workflow of each article from writing through to publishing and promotion will be tracked.

b. Overnight Success Community Slack - a group exclusive to OS Guest Writers where they can see and respond to new opportunities, pitch article ideas and seek feedback and input from the community as well as share published articles so they can be promoted.

Will I get paid?

There is no commercial or employment agreement between guest writers and Overnight Success and therefore there is no payment to writers, or from writers to OS in order to take part.

The exchange of value is simple; OS provides a pre-built audience and platform along with a steady flow of inbound writing opportunities from the ecosystem, while writers offer their time to produce content. OS also offers editorial guidance and content creation expertise to ensure all writers present themselves in the best light possible.

Can I pitch my own ideas for articles?

Yes! While we have a steady stream of inbound opportunities available for our guest writers to pick up and run with, participants in the program can also pitch their own ideas for articles. As long as your idea fits within the usual scope of OS content and does not overtly promote any one organisation without an obviously newsworthy angle, we'd love to hear your ideas and allow you to showcase your own thought leadership.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Any new guest writer is expected to produce at least one piece of writing within the first ~30 days of joining the program.

Writing opportunities sourced by OS will have a requested writing deadline (usually within 2 weeks), which we expect guest writers to commit to delivering against if they put their hand up to write it to make sure the article remains relevant by the time it is published.

There is no minimum time period of commitment or number of articles each writer must publish. Writers will get out what they put in!

Our Ambition 🚀

Tell more stories

OS has often had to turn down interesting story opportunities due to the team having limited time to conduct interviews and write. The Guest Writer Program will allow for more stories to be told (from more diverse perspectives), with benefits going to the startups, writer and shared OS platform.

Elevate ecosystem voices

Building an audience is usually a long and high-effort process. The Guest Writer Program offers a media platform with a pre-built audience so the brightest minds from across the Aussie start-up ecosystem can more easily share their skills and insights and get exposure to potential employers and change makers, without the need to establish their own following first.

Content excellence

More minds and more hands on deck should result in better content about the Aussie start-up ecosystem.

To ensure the standard of content remains consistent and high, OS will leverage our team's expertise to work with writers to edit and craft their work, so they can put their best foot forward.